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Fed up of commuting to work?

Well now may be your chance to do something about it.The Department for Transport (DfT) is asking businesses to provide their views on alternatives to travelling to work, to inform its development of long-term alternatives to travel strategy. The calls for evidence seeks views on alternative methods of working, including home and remote working, flexible working and staggered hours, telephone and videoconferencing, and any other methods of reducing work-related travel. Responses are invited from a range of organisations including those not currently using such alternative methods of working who have until 31 May 2011 to answer the questionnaire. The ability to request flexible working is already on the statute books. Regulations that would have extended the right to work flexibly for parents of children under the age of 18 have been scrapped by the Coalition government in a bid to cut red tape. The right to request flexible working remains for parents of children under the age of 17 (or under 18 if the child is disabled) although the government has stated that it is committed to extending the right to all employees, with a consultation to be launched later in the spring. Some business may feel that remote working is not feasible and that itmight present communicaton and other logisitcal problems but with the correct monitoring systems in place there is no reason why an employer might not implement this on a trial basis. We would be interested to hear your views and experiences. Department for transport guidance