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Multimedia and e-learning training

Like many of our employer clients, we understand that providing managers with the right training can save you a lot of headaches in the long term. Managers who understand how to handle employee issues confidently, as they arise, can often prevent them from escalating in to full-scale disciplinary and grievance issues, harassment allegations or tribunal claims, saving both time and money. The right training is undoubtedly a shrewd investment. But you need to make sure you go to the experts.

ThomasMansfield has a leading reputation for specialist employment and health and safety advice and has provided expert training to many household name clients.

These include:

  • ACAS
  • The Police Service of Northern Ireland
  • The London Fire Brigade
  • Aga – Rayburn
  • Del Monte Fresh Produce (UK) Ltd
  • The Edinburgh Woollen Mill Ltd
  • Trailfinders
  • The Gleneagles Hotel
  • The Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive
  • Group 4 Securicor plc

Whether you want a complete bespoke training programme or are looking for a training provider in a specific area, we can help.

Our range of multimedia and e-learning employment law training programmes is aimed primarily at line managers. The multimedia programmes can be delivered by a trainer in a workshop setting: training materials include a complete trainer guide, a workbook, a DVD including a relevant case study and expert commentary, a powerpoint presentation that can be used in the workshop, confirmation of training and a training certificate.

Once you have purchased one of our multimedia programmes, it can be used again and again, whenever you wish.

If you require a more flexible approach, our interactive e-learning programmes can be used by individuals at their own computers and contain a filmed case study with expert commentary and associated exercises.

Using our training can have other benefits. For example, our training materials for the multimedia programme “Prevent and Defend Claims for Harassment” can help to establish an employer’s statutory defence to any harassment claim, since it helps to prove that they took steps to prevent the harassment from occurring. An employer can be liable for the acts of employees – even if they were not aware of ongoing harassment or similar issues – unless it can be proved that the manager received appropriate training, so this can be vital in avoiding and mitigating compensation claims.

Alternatively, if you have a very specific need, we can custom make programmes to suit your requirements, incorporating relevant case studies based on the types of issues faced in your sector/organisation. We can even conduct the filming at your premises to give the materials an even more realistic feel.

For an informal discussion, please contact Neill Thomas on 03702 188 990 or e-mail him at: [email protected].

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