Employment Law Multimedia Training

Multimedia Training FAQ’s

Why ThomasMansfield audiovisual training materials?

Neill Thomas and Jonathan Mansfield write the scripts and oversee the production of each film and text to ensure all the legal points are covered in an easy to understand format. They utilise a professional production company using actors in a series of clips to get the message across in an interesting and informative way.

Who are these programmes aimed at?

Human resource managers, trainers, owner managers and consultants for the delivery of training to relevant employees at all levels.

What’s in the package?

Each title comes complete with a training guide, workbook, training certificate, policy documentation where appropriate and relevant precedent letters.

How will my employees benefit?

They will understand their legal obligations and responsibilities at work.

How will the company benefit?

The company gets the benefit of expert legal training at a convenient time and in a cost effective way. The training will help prevent the risk of tribunal claims arising. The company will also be able to demonstrate that it is complying with its legal obligations and in some cases, the training record will be evidence to help the company defend itself in the event of a claim, for example, sexual harassment.

What after-sales service do you provide?

As part of our commitment to continuing best practice, we are very pleased to offer telephone advice free of charge on how to utilise the programmes including their delivery. In addition, we can provide a solicitor experienced in delivering our training programmes to train your team at your convenience for the fixed rate of £500 plus VAT and travelling expenses.

Should I rent or buy?

The choice is yours! You can rent for two days but keep it longer if necessary by paying a daily rate. We will deduct the rental cost from the purchase price if you subsequently decide to purchase the title within 30 days. The programme will be delivered the day before you require it to allow you to become familiar with the material prior to training. Purchased programmes will be delivered within 2 working days by courier.

How can I preview the materials before I rent or buy?

A short clip is available online or you can view an unedited programme with sample documents free for 14 days. More than one title may be previewed at our offices. Please call us on 03702 188 990.

How do I return a programme after hire

Simply call 03702 188 990 before 3pm on the day before the programme is due to be returned. We shall arrange for the courier to collect the programme from you.

How do I order a brochure

Call us on 03702 188 990.

Are discounts available?

Yes. Call 03702 188 990 for details of discounts on multiple purchases. We offer special discounts for educational establishments and not for profit organisations.