Labour’s proposed employment reforms – what employers need to know

After 14 years of Conservative government, the all-but-inevitable election result is likely to bring about significant changes in policy. Employment law in particular is ripe for reform. Here, we’ve outlined some of the key proposals set out in Labour’s Plan to Make Work Pay.

7 tips for building your equality, diversity and inclusion strategy

In today’s competitive marketplace, equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) are essential for a thriving workplace. Embracing EDI can drive innovation, improve employee satisfaction, and boost your company’s reputation. Here are our 7 top tips to building your EDI strategy […]

An employer’s guide to the new flexible working laws

The law changed on 6 April 2024 to modify the flexible working regime. While the fundamental idea of a statutory right to request flexible working is unaffected, and there is still an obligation on the employer to handle that request reasonably, there are now important changes in place that employers and employees must get to grips with and amend their policies accordingly where necessary […]

New duty imposed on employers to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace

A new duty will be imposed on employers to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.  This new duty will be effective from October 2024 and will be inserted into the Equality Act 2010 by the Worker Protection (Amendment of Equality Act 2010) Act 2023 […]

Record breaking £4.6M award for disability discrimination at London tribunal

A landmark ruling from the Employment Tribunal awarded £4.6 million to a claimant with PTSD and ADHD, marking one of the highest compensations for disability discrimination in London’s history. The case highlights significant challenges and potential financial risks employers face when dealing with neurodiverse employees without adequate legal guidance[…]

Celebrating inclusive excellence: proud sponsors of the BH Biz Star 2024 Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Award

We’re excited to be sponsoring the BH Biz Star 2024 Awards, especially the award for the best in Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. This award is all about celebrating businesses and people who make sure everyone at work feels included and respected, no matter who they are or where they come from […]

Navigating the new carer’s leave law: essential guide for employers

April brings a raft of changes to employment law, including the new right to take carer’s leave. This is effective from 6th April and is implemented under the Carer’s Leave Regulations 2024. Carer’s leave introduces the entitlement to take one week’s unpaid leave per year, to provide or arrange care for a dependant who has a ‘long-term’ care need […]

Navigating employment law changes in 2024

Welcome to our breakdown of the significant employment law changes coming into effect in 2024. As businesses brace for new and updated regulations, it’s essential to equip yourself with the knowledge and foresight necessary to navigate these changes effectively […]

Government consultation response: non-compete clauses to be limited to 3 months

The Government has announced plans to limit the length of non-compete clauses in employment contracts, in its response to a 2020 consultation on their reform. The 2020 consultation Non-compete clauses are one of several types of post-termination restrictions (“PTR”s) that businesses may include in an employment contract, which restrict an employee’s ability to work for […]