Thomas Mansfield Employment Law Webinar

Managing evolving disability discrimination in a changing workplace

20 October 2022, 10:00–11:00

Webinar Information:

In this webinar our employment experts explore the responsibilities of employers in relation to employees with disabilities. The modern workplace is rapidly changing and disability discrimination is an ever evolving and complex area of employment law, which can give rise to a number of issues at each stage of the employment relationship. We will focus on:

  • The key concepts of disability
  • Hidden disabilities such as dyslexia
  • The different types of disability discrimination
  • When the duty to make reasonable adjustments arises
  • Emerging issues such as menopause and long covid
  • Practical tips in recruitment, making reasonable adjustments, managing sickness absence where disability arises and handling claims

This webinar will be relevant to HR professionals, in-house lawyers and senior managers.

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