Shaida Hussain

Shaida Hussain

Senior Legal Assistant

0207 426 4909
[email protected]

Shaida is a Senior Legal Assistant in the Employment team at Thomas Mansfield Solicitors, based in the firm’s London office.

Shaida’s primary role involves supporting our legal team and ensuring efficient client communication. Her day-to-day tasks include assisting our lawyers, managing correspondence, preparing legal documents such as bundles, and occasionally attending court to lodge papers.

Shaida is known for her responsiveness and attention to client needs. She is diligent in ensuring that communications with clients are timely and effective, keeping them well-informed throughout their legal matters.

Shaida’s extensive background, primarily as a legal secretary across various law firms, gives her a deep understanding of the legal processes and client needs in employment law.

Shaida is also responsible for overseeing the smooth operation of the London office, ensuring that logistical and administrative needs are met efficiently.